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Mini Metal Bash


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What are the entries up to at the Mini Metal bash at Primm? Got to be pretty high, because the Midnight Special has hardly any mini metal entries.


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We have 27 teams/trucks that have confirmed. In addition, I will be sending out a package of information to all the teams on Monday. If I don't have your address email me so I can get the info off to you. We met with Sal on Monday. Everything is a go and Sal was most helpful. He is setting aside our special pit area right next to the start finish, he has made sure that we will have bleachers!


Jerry Zaiden

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We might even be there with Jamie Campbell. His truck is at our shop being converted to a 7s. His main goal is BITD but we are trying to make it to this race. This mini metal challange is so awesome! I think this is so great for the sport. ORGANIZATION of classes.

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Carlos Danger
I hope the class stays organized so when my new truck is done the class will sill be more than 10 trucks at a race.


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Hey Jerry, tell Jamie I said hi, and I hope his truck is done before the Bash. I went to High School with him and haven't seen him in awhile, tell him Jason who is in Colorado now. It would be a blast to race against an old High School buddy. The last time I saw him, he was still working at Penhall's.

Jason Hutter
Fire Guys Racing

I added an attachment, I am the one in the middle, and the other two guys are my brothers, David on my right, and Kevin on my left.

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the Baja Shop will be there with our new ranger.our first race with it was the Kartek 400 and managed to come home 1st in class725(7s).we also had the in car camera going, the video from that is supposed to debut at the Primm race.