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I was very impressed with the whole Mini Metal event this weekend, I had a blast! I was wondering if anyone was able to log on to that during the race? Is that the correct address, because I can't seem to pull it up? We had one of the in-car cameras, and I wanted to see if it worked out okay. Anyway, you guys did an excellent job.

Craig Stewart

Curtis Guise

Hi Craig,

I don't want to speak for Billy to much and get something wrong, but I think I can answer your questions since he isn't in here to often.
The web site is on it's way... Unfortunately Primm isn't very wireless fiendly with the million power lines they have running accross the course. Our main concern was to film the race and have an edited show to play at the awards. That show is also being re-edited for the final version to provide all the teams.
We did look into streaming on the web but that was last on the list. I am meeting with someone this week and we could possibly be setting that up soon. We will have updates as it progresses.

We all had a great time. And congratulations on getting 3rd place! I told Mark he would be sore after being used to his prerunner...:)

Curtis Guise
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