Minotaur Demo-Course Slated for Barrett-Jackson Event !

What custom color would you like to see the MINOTAUR painted?

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During the upcoming Barrett-Jackson event in Scottsdale, AZ... Attendees will have an opportunity to see (and experience) the new MINOTAUR RAM 1500 conversion from Prefix Performance. Plans are underway to create a short demonstration course that showcases the vehicle's suspension and off-road capabilities. During the past two months, the prefix promotional team has been traveling the country in the white Minotaur, meeting with enthusiasts and setting-up authorized dealerships in key markets across the country. Dealers are now ordering trucks and new Minotaurs are currently in production at the Prefix Performance facility. If you plan to attend the Scottsdale event next month, please let Prefix know, so they can arrange for you to go for a ride! There will also be two additional Minotaurs on display, including a custom painted version, highly modified for additional performance, as well as a Minotaur from the local dealer in the Phoenix area (Airpark Dodge). Visit: MINOTAUR

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OG mopar plumb purple.