Mint 400 - Attention Pit A Crews


Rescue Director
Hello all. We had a final prep Best in the Desert staff meeting 2 nights ago to finish up plans for next week. While it will be covered in the Drivers meeting by Donald, I wanted to get this piece out so it reaches as many as possible.

Please pass on the following information to all off the crews that will be set up in Pit A - That is the Upper Knight Ranch Road Pit-

Pit A is always limited for space for teams. Only 2 pit passes per team are being issued and even with that limited access, the pit will be stuffed to capacity.

If you are in the first race, please clear out as soon as you are done pitting your vehicle for the last time it goes by and if you are in the second race, please don't try to set up prior to your race starting.

Pit A is the primary reason for a cap on entries for the Mint 400. Best in the Desert is working closely with BLM to try and get the entry cap raised for this race going forward.

Pit A will be closely monitored as a result by BLM to see if it is overly congested or there are any problems. Make sure your teams are in compliance with fire suits, fire extinguishers and fuel containment. Between Best in the Desert staff as well as my Safety teams, we will be conducting spot checks as well as doing our best to control parking. Lets all do our best to help continue the successful growth of this race.


Rescue 1
If any crews have any needs or questions I will be at Pit A for morning race. Usually find me midway by Jaime and I also will be driving through doing safety checks. Rescue 3 is call sign. Please try to park taking up only one spot per vehicle so we can all fit. Have a safe race. See you all Saturday morning.