Mint 400 Betting Open @ Golden Nugget (Odds here)

Here are the odds from The Golden Nugget. You can place your bets there and put your money where your mouth is.

Click here for PDF.

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Respectfully, some of these odds seemed to be pulled out of thin air.

Killian, thanks for getting this to happen. As usual I am gonna lay some money down where I foolishly bet with my heart instead of my head but IMO with the way these odds are set right now, the smart money is on Lopez.


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or tim herbst and parkhouse....odds will change quick when people start betting on the longshots....


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hey steve $50k on yourself and call andy......pays a COOL 2MILLION.....


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That's a moneyline listing though though it looks about what Killian posted. I don't know that any have changed or even if it's enough action to change until the event. I'd be interested to see how the bookie set the odds. Some of them seem a bit wacky but Letner seems to be in the ball park. I think the Baldwin and Gordon (from before he dropped) would have been really optimistic finishes. Same with Don Dan though I don't know who the other drivers are. Bryce and Lofton look to be set a bit long. It must be tough to set those considering the racing doesn't happen as often as stick ball sports or even Nascar.