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I have one still wrapped in the plastic and never opened. Wonder what it's worth........


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I remember playing that game when I was about 5 yrs. old. My Dad built the trans in the Mint sponsored 1 car. I guess I should dig around and see if I still got it.


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I have been looking to buy one of those games. It doesnt have to be in an unopened box, just have all of the peices. If anyone knows anyone who wants to sell one, or their is a place on the internet to buy one let me know.


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Got one. still play it with the kids.


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I have one and play it quite a bit. I had one that almost all the pieces were missing, then won a new one on EBAY in mint condition. When you play you go around the outside collecting the supplies you need to start the race plus some extras. Once you have done this, you start the pre run/race in the middle of the board. There are several good/bad news spaces you can land on throughout the race that can set you back. All and all its a pretty awesome board game. It comes with an instruction manuel that is like a race program with some sweet old school pics!


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The only way I let anyone play mine is with a $20. buy in. Its a long game to play, great for drinking. we had a $200. purse one time, and it took about 5hrs of drinking to finish the game winner took all! This game is a must for any off road collection!


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All of you talking of selling your Mint 400 board games better be careful, you risk being sued..... Sorry just had to!