Mint 400 Class 10's


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I did not race the mint this year but have in previous and its the same as before. Class 10 is in my mind the 3rd/4th fastest class out there for the weekend yet we keep being treated like a red headed step child. Why did the class 10's have to race the Sunday morning race with a Grand Prix finish yet 5 open and class 12's got to run Saturday afternoon and no Grand Prix finish. The Grand Prix finish is one of the reasons we stopped running the Mint. We are desert racers and really don't like paying that insane entry fee to have an issue early and not at least get our chance to finish. Personally I wouldn't mind running in the afternoon race on Sunday with the big boys but just feel like class 10 is getting the short end of the stick when it comes to all the Grand Prix finishes. Not to mention it has the 4th largest entires too.

Fellow class 10 racers let me hear your input.