MINT 400 (GoPro Hero 7) Footage, Photo search and what hills?


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Group A, 30+ Expert, 3rd row - #507

I have GoPro (Hero 7 Black) footage in regular HD 1080?/30fps/supersmooth (Not 4k) from start to approximately RM 48 ~ (Loop #1 only)
As I have time, I will watch the footage and and notate who is also in the footage and post up race numbers. Once I do PM me and I try to get you some footage via Dropbox or similar.
Team #508 (Blue gear, CRF450X) I think we rode quite a bit together - so there's lots of footage of you (Loop 1), especially into Pit A.

Here's a (short) sample via the iPhone GoPro app -
I have searched high and low for picture of me on Loop #1 and also from Start/Finish to Pit A on Loop #3 - 100 miles including start, and no pics, super bummed - If anyone has anything let me know, its appreciated. I know the grabbed my brother on Loop #2.

Anyone else a little disappointed with the fact that there was not a single hill/down hill/tight/technical in the entire course? Had I known that, I would have raced my desert harley (XR650R) on the couch seat. Still had a lot of fun and so did my team but we all agreed, we were looking forward to some kind of tight technical for a mile or two at the least.

Maybe Loop #3 next year can be a different course, tougher, tighter, through a mountain pass?