Mint 400 Live Stream



We are happy to announce the return of our live stream via Facebook & YouTube. The Mint 400 live stream expansion this year will include a slew of new features and guests, including recaps highlights, and live coverage of the motorcycle and four wheel vehicle racing on Saturday March 9th as well as twelve hours of dedicated four wheel vehicle race coverage on Sunday March 10th. On air talent will include off-road racing and motocross legend Ricky Johnson, off-road cultural icon Bob Bower, Ultra-4 competitor and KOH announcer Jim Marsden, and roving pit reporter Tiffany Stone. More details here.

The live stream will be paired with Yellow Brick tracking and a live leaderboard.

Congratulations to Dave and KOH crew on crushing their live stream last week. A stupid amount of planning and work, but their product shows. We were at the T1 race and following all week and yes, the notepad is full! Hats off!