Mint 400 Tech plans for 2018


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I have a bottle, driver hoodies and shirts with your name on it. Email me at and I will personally bring them and give them to your team at the Mint this year.

Now this is an idea we've never gotten before... Interesting...

Stand up job Killian, how many more do you have? We never recieved our bottle, shirts or hoodies either for our team.


Guys, I misspoke. About two months ago I sent an email out to everyone on our 2017 driver list to gift away all of the remaining shirts and hoodies that were sitting in our warehouse from last year. I apologize to those who didn’t get their shirts and hoodies. There was clearly a disconnect between our volunteer staff at registration and the people who would make that happen for who needed to receive stuff in the mail.

Being completely honest, sizing when you’re dealing with 1,200 people is a monumental task and this is one of the 294747391947473 reasons registration will be online next year, open in August. We can get sizing and all of that ahead of time and have packages waiting for everyone.

We DO have whiskey left that I will gladly send DOR’s who didn’t receive their bottles so please do still email me.

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Its all about the ride

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Saturday morning racers on Thursday, Afternoon racers Friday. If you can't make it Thursday and you are a limited racer, Friday tech should still be an option.

I would love to tech Thursday, and then Friday I can just chill and actually enjoy tech on Friday.

I like this idea as we're arriving Wednesday.


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Last year, teching 375 teams on one day was a monumental task. We will have 400 teams this year and tech ~200 per day. We are still figuring out the best way to split up the classes and will have that information available ASAP. General consensus I feel is limited teams would rather tech Thursday (see other thread). Will everyone be stoked? Probably not. I learned that lesson a long time ago but there are many factors we need to consider. Yes, we realize teams need to book rooms, logistics, etc.. just bare with us!

Currently, we do not have bikes or quads racing. Looking ahead, multiple days of racing (and everything that affects & comes with that) is inevitable.

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Where can we see CLASS 11 Rulebook??