Mint 400 Time Trial Accident

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Hey everyone, I am with the race team who had the terrible accident at the Mint 400 Time Trials last week. There has been so much support from the off road community (among many others) that I wanted to share this here in this forum with you all. As many of you witnessed, our Trick Truck #101 crashed coming around a corner, rolled, and then immediately caught fire. The driver was able to escape with no major injuries but our co-driver could not escape quick enough and sustained burns to his feet, legs, right arm, and inhaled quite a lot of smoke during the incident as well. He is going to be all right in the long run, but will take a lot of recovery. He has already had 4 surgeries and is on a ventilator to help with the smoke inhalation. He has a wife and 12 year old daughter who are in Vegas currently with him and plan on staying with him until they can all come home to Grand Junction, CO. BITD officials, fans, fellow racers have all reached out and have been in contact with Jeremein's wife, Jamee. I know on the track we can be competitive but off the track we are a tight knit group that takes care and looks out for each other. We are all so thankful for the gracious words of encouragement and uplifting comments. You guys don't even know how much it's helping right now to not feel alone during this!! We have started a GoFundMe to help his family with their stay in Vegas during his recovery, their bills that won't be covered by insurance, and to help with other expenses until he can get back to work. If you guys would like to help in any way or share it so it gets out to more people, that would be great and so helpful, the link is: It has been shared by so many already, and we really appreciate everything the community is doing for the family right now. We know Jeremein will want to race again even after this terrible crash because as you all know, IT'S IN OUR BLOOD!!! Thank you all and good luck to everyone racing the San Felipe (and all other races)!! Be safe and kind to your fellow racers! (Please keep comments positive as the family will be reading this and I do not think insensitive remarks will help right now.)


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Really awesome to see all the racers and team names who have stepped up to help. Sometimes we can feel really good about our race-dezert family!


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Team Ford is also doing a fund raiser to help:

While buying a vehicle is rarely an impulse decision, the reality is we all have to buy them from time to time. If you are looking, this weekend is a great time to go see @teamfordlincoln Through the weekend they are taking 200.00 from every car and truck sale and donating it to the recovery of Jeremein Sandoval. Jeremein was injured Thursday during the @themint400 qualifying and will have a long road to recovery. @mss_rescue2 and @dbolderoff were the first to pick up a new daily driver to kick off this fund raising event with a new Ford Edge. Go see the amazing Team Ford staff and help Jeremein and his family at the same time!

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I can see that a lot of the RDC family has already stepped up to help Jeremein. Please take a few minutes to check out his progress/updates and consider helping out if you can. Really tragic any time this happens to one of our own. This sport is supposed to be ALL fun, or at least mostly fun.


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Good to hear he is in recovery and thank god it was not worse.

If you haven't already, check out the latest update. This recovery is a long one and definitely not easy on the family. Thanks to Jamee for keeping me updated. For those that have asked, yes FA has been in touch with her and as always things are in the works behind the scenes. For the best info, go check out the GoFundMe page linked above and keep them in your prayers.