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Mint winning products

John Bitting

As I post press releases I get to see a lot of these stats, some companies came out on top big time at the Mint.

Baja Design lights
Trick Truck: 1st Place: Justin Lofton 2nd Place: Andy McMillin 4th Place: Brett Sourapas
Class 1500: 1st Place: Cody Parkhouse
Class 6100/TT Spec: 1st Place: Christian Sourapas
Class 10: 1st Place: Roger Starkey 2nd Place: Milk-N-It Motorsports 3rd Place: Jason Coleman
UTV: 1st Place: Branden Sims
Vintage: 1st Place: Rory Ward

Fox Shocks

Overall & Trick Truck – Justin Lofton
1500 – Cody Parkhouse*
6100 – Christian Sourapas
1000 – Roger Starkey*
UTV Turbo – Branden Sims*
UTV Production – Justin Lambert*
6000 – Todd Jackson*
2000 – Kevin Smith*
3000 – Reid Rutherford*
Unlimited Pro – David Martinez*
Vintage – Todd Richards
Stock VW – Alex Rivas Alvarez*
1200 – Greg Foutz*


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Us did good too, fastest lap, and win in 4749 thanks to:

Fox also *fastest lap of class
BFGoodrich no flats,
Impact, Mastercraft,
Baja designs also no member of Team Enlightened
PCI Race Radios


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Bdub 1020

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You have to be an Unlimited now a days. Limited classes just help pay the cost for the permits, land use etc. Of course I am just joking. Class 11 rocks

John Bitting

Another PR, Albins Transmissions. I wonder how Culhane or others did?

Top Class 1500 Finishers at the 2016 Mint 400
1st 1501 Cody Parkhouse- Albins AGB
2nd 1542 Sam Baldi/Mike Baldi/Baldi Racing - Albins AGB
3rd 1529 Scott Bailey/Stronghold Motorsports - Albins AGB
5th 1589 Jon Walker/Kreger Fabrication - Albins AGB
7th 1520 Corey Keysar/Keysar Racing - Albins AGB
10th 1511 Erick Jacobs - Albins AGB

Top Class 7200 Finisher

1st 7247 Troy Messer - Weddle Racing Gears