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Missing Norra 1000 Racer - Found


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image.jpg Actually one of the chasers. Went missing after the finish in Cabo. His name is Scott Burris he was chasing for the 007 bike team in a ford e350 van AZ license plate FRED TU. if you've seen or heard from him you can PM me. Thanks


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Letting you all know... Scotty B is a very knowledgeable Baja guy, he's been around more than most., absolutely not a greenhorn.

blue dog

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Any other details ?

Last seen
How over due
Was he solo.
Health issues
Is his cell phone working, if so, possible to track its location with where's my droid app Or iPhone app.
Or even a iPad or laptop can be tracked if proper apps are loaded and the devices are on .

Keep us informed.

3 Amigos Racing

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Might be a thing to look into.. does he have an inreach or other sat track device account.. ask family to check email for invoices.. sometimes people dont talk about having an inreach sat device..


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We left Cabo at 10AM on Thursday, took MX 19 back to MX 1 near La Plaz. We did not see the van.

Hope he his found safe.

RFS Motorsports

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I am driving the route back today. I will keep an eye out and look down all the revines.


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Up date: seen BOLA Friday AM May 1.

All OK just making a slow trip home.

Will up date more later.

If anyone cared - I'd be missing most of the time I'm in Baja.

I'm sure Scott didn't think he was missing, just having a great time. Sorry you're back!

We went missing up in Scorpion Bay the last several days - 15 to 18 foot wave were spectacular.


Covert Troll.
Good to have friends looking out for him!

I hear you Ramsey, I'm ready to go missing in Baja

Mark Newhan

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I thought he might have been with the Tecate girls in the picture, I would've checked there first... Glad he was found safe!


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I thought the same thing at first. Looked like a damn good way to get " lost"! Glad he is safe. Nothing like taking your time going home from a peninsula race!

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3 Amigos Racing

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I know I am repeating mySelf but a delorme inreach sat tracker battery will last weeks In track mode..$250 bucks and you know where your crew is.. Just saying..