Mixing cup question


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I picked up some PPG Graduated mixing cups for paint, the paint is a SHOP LINE Epoxy Black Primer, and some Hardener/ reducer (I think) it say mix it 2 ta 1 how would I do that with one of those cups, any help is appreciated.


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on the mixing cups you will usually have a choice between the mix ratio required by the paint brand(4-1-1,etc) or you can use the ounce measurements which for a 2:1 ratio would just be twice as much paint as hardener,for example 8 oz of paint and four oz of hardener. if the paint is a three part deal then you just find the graduated measurment on the cup that matches your paint. for example; if your paint says 4:1:1 you just put each component up to it's line on that section. it's sounds kinda complicated,but your paint store should be happy to explain it to you if this doesn't make sense,and once you figure it out you'll be surprised how foolproof it is. good luck.