Mod Max inspired build questions


Anyone that follows Mighty Car Mods on youtube will already know what im talking about but over a series of episodes a 200sx/s15 silvia was retrofitted with an ls1+6spd holden manual box, lifted a bit and put on dirt tyres. I like the idea of it as a class 9 car here in nz (2wd/4wd vehicles, sedan bodies allowed) as a short course car but unsure on exactly what it would need done to it to be strong enough to survive the track. Never raced or built an offroad car but am looking at this as a cheaper way to go racing than my current circuit car.

Might car mods "mod max car"
-stock 200sx chassis, half cage welded in. front subframe dropped by adding 40mm rhs spacers. uunsure on shocks used. spacers used from hub to allow for steering lock. rear height gained through strut spacers (50mm/2") stock shocks used still i believe. guards cut away to allow for wheels to fit. Have not seen this car tackle any jumps

this is the car as it was completed. i dont feel like it would be strong enough to survive short course racing at my local track over time (3 jumps)

My idea for the inspired build
- Toyota soarer/sc400 (prefer 1uz powered one), strip it to hell so its light, seam weld the car, full rollcage, remove all windows and relocate radiator to back window for airflow, zoomies off motor through hood. cut guards to accomodate suspension travel and larger wheels, use some type of offroad shocks from factory shock tower to factory arms front and rear eliminating need for spacers. spacers on hub for steering lock if necessary.

i would like for the ride height to be similar to to what the silvia is but im not after an exact copy. What am i missing or over looking? would it work? is it feasible? let me know, you guys have a better idea than i do, just thought it was a sick car and could make a cool cheap build.

local track for reference. i do have chassis plans for a class 8 car (same as one in video) but i thought this was a bit more unique and probably cheaper