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Monster Limo


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Did anyone else see that ugly monster limo on channel 13 at about 10:30 last night, it was a lifted dodge ram limo it looked like it would hold about 10 people it was sooooo gay it even had the light bar in the bed with some cool chrome lights. they were trying to make it look like you could acually rent it and take it offroad, I tried to get some pictures off upn's website but they dont have any...ohwell


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I think i have seen that truck around the corner of my wife's old house in costa mesa. I saw one like you describe hooked to a 35' race boat. Still wondering how you drive something like that.



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There's a Ford like that up in Chico, CA. Friend of mine from school used to drive it for the limo co. that owned it. Said it sucked as a 4x, was hard to turn and hard to drive, didn't ride all that great (Most accupents (sp ?) were drunk anyway) but it was great for picking up college girls and cruising the cowboy bars.


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