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MORE 250 Need 1 MORE Entry for $1000

3 Amigos Racing

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Here is the drawing for next week. 14 cars you all need 1 more for another $1k in bonus.

Make some calls get someone out of the garage!

Class 9 (14)
977 Dylan Bland
929 Dan Wood
982 Wes Welch
990 Matt Creveling
945 Raul Yanez
963 Richard Sletten
936 Joseph Clerici
917 James Eichler
900 Tyler Petersen
971 Alfonso Cornejo
967 Michael Dyer
926 Don Wood
995 Ron Thomas 2nd R/S
911 Brandon Heald R/S


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Thank you Jeff and thank u for being there. Made a big difference having you there. Was great racing. Tyler laid down SOE impressive laps and so was Welch. Next 3 races are gonna be fun.

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