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Just a quick CONGRATULATIONS to Class 10 Champion WAYNE NOSALA and to Writer of the Year ANN DONALDSON. What a great couple they make. Keep up the good work both of you!

PS Also congratulations to Wayne Nosala for the CORE Driver of the Year! I know how hard it is to be around Ann when she is writing one of those race articles.


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Congrats to all the M.O.R.E. 2004 Points Champs!

1 Bill Markel
500 John Criswell
10 Wayne Nosala
1600 Garit Wallace
5/1600 Jeff Sack
900 Doug Silcock
8 Matt Towery
7 Perry Fleming
SP Swing Phillip Ferree
1300 Mike Parr
Sp Ult Jim Heine
1400 Bob Schreiner
11 Thomas Pitman

MORE Driver of the Year Doug Silcock

1st race of the '05 M.O.R.E. season is this Sat in Lucerne. for details.