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more good news~


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a little icing on the cake to come! one of the folks who needed to go from the barstow blm office is gone! we should throw a going away party for tim salt! he is the guy who caved to the cbd and decided that offroaders should pay the price for all the other things wrong in the desert. mr. salt is being reassigned to washington d.c., no doubt to join the biologists who decided to use taxidermied bobcat fur on the scrtching posts in the northwest to try to expand the habitat of the lynx. guess karma does work! of course the cbd is upset, saying that mr. salt was a great compromiser and really felt for both sides(just felt for their a lot more!) more to come in about 10 days. they feel that bush is going to overturn all the great work done under clinton/goreski. hey, even russia collapsed !!!


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won't be am issue, he will have a thumb on him while he is there...

If your gonna go, go BIG


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Actually Salt was the District Manger for the California Desert District in charge of all field offices from barstow to glamis - however someone from the Barstow BLM office did resign his post as well, so there have been many changes - now it is a waiting game to see how Tim's replacement does...there isn't much information available on her at this time...hopefully she will be more balanced than Tim appeared to be. According to Salt the reassignment came as a surprise to him and he didn't request it....doh!

oh last I heard CBD, with their office in idlywild - filed 47 lawsuits in Riverside county for sometype of endangered something or other....

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Just a thought....

...what can we do to make the CBD an endangered species...?

They remind me of that annoying little sister that just wants to tattle to mom about every little thing. "Mom, Tim's driving in the desert again!!!"

Happy motoring.

Happy motoring, Tim


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first off like to say hello from nor cal.we got the same crap here in eldorado county.monday,3 different greenie groups filed suits against the county for not follow ing federal guidlines.lots of good info on who to send letters to at PIRATE4X4.com / we could lose the rubicon trail by spring.thats why i came to this site,herd about it from xroomate that now lives in so cal , and is a dezert racer.we all need to ban together and fight this off-road terrorism.sorry to see you guys are having problems also.


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I am really happy to see someone from your board on here for the same concerns we all need to join together to fight this as a whole. i personally need to become more active but i need to get my truck running first so i can get to these meetings and become more active. laters

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