MORE Powder Puff Pit Support, brought to you by the Checkers


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Checkers Off Road Pit Club will once again be offering their legendary pit support to all of the lady racers who are in need of some extra help.
Sign up during tech the evening prior to the event. We will offer a fully staffed and supplied main pit, as well as some roving pit support to help on course also. In the main pit we will have tools, a welder, fluids ( engine oil / transmission fluid / power steering and brake fluids ) and several club members with many years of pitting and racing experience.
We are requesting a $100 donation for this service, and we will then match the donations with up to $1000 coming from the club, to the Cedars Sinai Breast Cancer Research center. Also included for your donation will be a special event T-shirt. These shirts will also be available to purchase the evening prior to the event.