More S.F. mayhem


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Dude, check this out.......just minutes before the dude wrecked this awesome prerunner, I spent 10 minutes showing it to a friend of mine who had never seen it. We had just finished drooling all over the truck which was parked near our pit, where the race course drops off PC road back into the desert, when the guy takes off heading north. He wrecked it not 5 - 10 miles later. What a bummer!

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Gabe Lara

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John Bitting and I had seen it earlier in the day, cruising around MM 140 or so.....(one of the last pits)

Later, we saw Dan Fresh and his crew from R&D, and they were telling us how wadded up it was....Ouch!
AND we were checking out the Baldwin TT just before he took off at the start and wadded it up.
Crazy SF trip!



paul and me ha d a hard time keeping up with the 2 Baldwin TT's south of town getting back home...we are almost wide open and then those amber tail lights just get smaller and smaller. Very impressive.
We caught them later though when the darkness kicked in they had to slow down (down to like 60mph).

They had no headlights setup and had to follow some normal car going into town.

I almost believe that our one cars and TT's are the fastest possible way to move drive a vehicle on the race course. In other words.. how much faster can they go with todays technology ? With some teams I doubt its a matter of money at this point. If they would have invinity budget. Could they go any faster ? I think we are very close to pushing the limits of what is possible with todays technology knows to mankind. I am sure with time we will see improvemnets. Ne shock designs. New materials. Transmissions that can take yet another 100 hp etc..