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More Sierra 250


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999 Jesus Glavan Jr.
990 Matt Creveling
951 Morgan Hunter
912 Ulises Galvan
923 Justin Cockrell
900 Tyler Petersen
982 Wes Welch
912 Kourtnee Brown
945 Raul Yanez
967 Michael Dyer
963 Richard Sletten
957 Joe Eichelberger
911 Brandon Heald R/S

Does anyone want to have a side bet? 50? 100? I'll be driving with Brandon Heald.

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3 Amigos Racing

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3 Amigos parked the 9 car and took our Jeepspeed to the race and picked up a win. We will be back in September with the 9 car.

That being said spill the beans.. Lots of carnage, chaos and conflict this race for Class 9.. Who has some race stories and results..

3 Amigos Racing

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Hold my beer I got this:

  • Tyler Peterson had fast lap and took first place by 30 minutes. He got a cool blinking Serra LED Lights trophy that should create a stripper effect when in use.
  • 2nd place was decided by 6 seconds! Eichelberg over Kourtnee Brown in 3rd.
  • Raul Yanez took 4th and may have been driving on 3 wheels one of the laps
  • Matt Creveling was stuck in a huge bottle neck (we saw you next to us) then had the front push bar and stuff pulled off the car. He finished with dad holding a wire to the light bar and a flashlight battery wired into the ignition. He got the True Grit Award.
  • The Sletten car endoed, then got punted by a 6100 truck. The 6100 driver rolled at several sections and really had his head up his butt bouncing off cars.
  • There was some controversy when the course was blocked, some cars were guided to a short cut by MORE others could not move so some niners were talking about lap times.
  • It was hot all day, at night it was nice and there was alot of wind.
  • Someone blew a motor but no one blew a transmission. Never blow a transmission no matter how hot it is.Well heck tra__y is a bad word and blocked on RDC.
  • The course was not really all that well marked.
  • The course had bumps, rocks and stuff.