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Got this article from Once again the Sierra Club is getting involved where they shouldn't. Does anybody know of an email address at Ford where we could send in our support for Ford and let them know that not everybody thinks the Sierra Club is thinking about our best interests? I'm a Chevy person myself but get tired of this BS pressure businesses get from these non-working class organizations.

"DETROIT (Reuters) - An effort by Ford Motor Co. (F) to burnish its environmental image has backfired because it acknowledged making little recent progress toward improving the gas mileage of its vehicles.

In an annual report released on Tuesday, the world's No. 2 automaker highlights various initiatives it has undertaken to fight global warming, which it calls "the most pressing environmental issue facing our industry and our company."

But in the so-called "Corporate Citizenship" report, Ford concedes that the average fuel economy of the vehicles it sells in the United States has remained essentially flat since 2000.

And it admits that carbon dioxide emissions from its U.S. cars and trucks have also held relatively stable over the past two model years, instead of decreasing in line with its commitments as an environmentally-aware "green" company.

Scientists have identified carbon dioxide from internal combustion engines as a primary contributor to global climate change.

"This report takes a giant step in the wrong direction for Ford Motor Co., for American consumers, and for the environment," Carl Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club, said in a statement.

Ford Chairman and Chief Executive Bill Ford Jr., the great-grandson of automotive pioneer Henry Ford, has long sought to distinguish himself as more environmentally committed than his rivals. And Tuesday's report reiterates his previously stated goal of improving the fuel economy of Ford's gas-thirsty sport utility vehicles by 25 percent between 2000 and 2005.

But the report also warns that any further goals for cutting greenhouse gas reductions from Ford "will be tempered by our near-term business realities." The automaker, which lost $5.45 billion last year, is struggling to cut billions of dollars in costs as part of a multiyear turnaround plan.

The Sierra Club, which once considered Bill Ford a close ally, takes his company and other Detroit automakers to task for failing to use modern technology that already exists to boost the fuel efficiency of standard model vehicles.

Such technology, however, would add to vehicle production costs at a time when U.S. automakers are saddled with razor-thin profit margins amid growing fears about consumer spending.

"Americans want responsibility and transparency from Ford, instead of a slick PR document that glosses over their disappointing failure to produce cars and trucks that go further on a gallon of gas," Pope said.

A Ford spokeswoman said the company would have no comment on the Sierra Club's criticisms. "

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Does anybody have a list of Sierra Club emails?...Paige do you? Post them here if so

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