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MORE Slash X Duel in the Desert


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MORE Shootout Bonuses for ALL Classes:
10 Entries in Class: $500 Bonus
15 Entries in Class: $1000 Bonus
20 Entries in Class: $2000 Bonus

$1000 McKENZIE'S Bonus to Overall Winner of the Morning Heat
(only pro classes eligible for morning heat overall bonus)

$1000 McKENZIE'S Bonus to Overall Winner of the Afternoon Heat

1 Free Entry Fee to the SLASH X Most Dominant Driver!

Enter Now!


Bryan J

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Cant wait for this one! Any other 1600 racers planning on coming out?


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Looking forward low temps and not much dust.....The number on the truck will be 2057. The camp fire will burn late after the race....I work at a lumber yard :D


Dirtracer 619

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We are ready to race 1453 is ready to go.
Car count is past 50. With a week to go!
Get signed up for the draw on Saturday

Now if we can slow down this rain!
Anyone know how the Barstow desert is fairing.
Its real wet here in San Diego

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BOYD Racing #1615 will be there. Letting the kids run this one.
Wish I could come out to help you guys but we have a family thing this weekend. Good luck Pete!!


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Nice looking 9 Tim, wish i was going, but super busy getting the empire cars ready for parker. Got a pile of stuff for my new car, will get busy on it after parker.


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Going to be a little cold for the first heat.....but should be great track conditions. Not like a couple of years ago when it was super wet and cold.



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Video of the start? Got the in car?
Very unfortunate start of the race. Cold brakes and heavy car. Very sorry about that. Yes 239Films took the memory cards.

I should have some footage soon from someone on top of their RV too.
Both Jerry and I are very lucky could have been worse both truck and car were able to finish. His truck finished 2nd (congrats you drove a great race) my car finished 3rd. Just a little damage to both. Side by side starts with a sharpe corner a quarter mile away will always see something like this. here's the rear go pro clip from my car.