MORE / SNORE Freedom 250 Night Race June 26th 2003


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Here is the current entry list for the MORE/SNORE Freedom 250.

Class 9

BJ Proctor #965

Harry Dunne #914

Kevin Kopitch #929

Kent Graves #908

Joel Peel #923

Rob Walters #900

Jim Neal #977

Darrin McGuffin #948

Johnny Burns #985


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Results MORE / SNORE Night Race!

Class 9

1st Rob Walters

2nd B.J Proctor

3rd Darin Mcguffin

4th Johnny Burns

5th George Desousadias

6th Corey Torres

7th Harry Dunne

8th Jim Neal

9th Brandon Hughes

10th Kent Graves

11th Kevin Kopitch

12th Don Kelly

13th Dan Folts

14th Kerry Burke

15th Ron Rash

16th Ken Hucklebridge

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