MORE/SNORE KC-HiLites Midnight Special


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<font color=blue>Race Update! July 8th 2002 Barstow, Calif.

There has been a number of changes to the schedule for this race! Here is the latest.

</font color=blue>Race Date still July 26th - 28th, Tech and Registration will now be held on Fri. 26th from 5:30pm till 9:30pm at the Tanger Mall just north of the Start Finish off of Outlet Cener Drive, the Drawing for start positions will be held at 10:00pm following tech at the S&F. The Drivers meeting will be held on Sat. at 5:30pm at the S&F with the Race starting at 7:00pm.( there is a 7 hour time limit) and will consist of 6-40 mile laps or approx 240 miles. The Awards will be held Sun. at 11:00 AM at the Ramada Inn in Barstow at East Main St.

The total entry fee for each class will be $450 for Pro Class / $360 for Class 9 and 5/1600 / $175 for Sportsman. Unlike at the last MORE/SNORE race there is only 1 entry fee and 1 pool of prize money and Bonuses! All Bonus money payout details will be handed out at Tech.

Check for more details and updates! or Email me directly at

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<h2><font color=red> We need to run a "Site Test" here on F/9-R/D</font color=red>

If you have read this post then please take a minute and reply with just a short check in! Tell us if you are going to attend this race as a Driver entry or a spectator or not at all, we need to know how many different people are reading these posts on R/D and how many are repeat visitors! Even if you are just a fan of Class 9 or Racing in general post a quick reply to let us know you are out there. Visit as often as you would like but please Reply/check in only once! A list of active site visitors will then be compiled. Thank you very much for your help! Rob Stapp #975</h2>

<font color=blue>This will help in the future if we are to ever get the PRO-900 class off the ground!</font color=blue>
I guess I get to be the first to "check in". I'm a co-driver for the Walters Bros team and we will be at the Barstow night race. It should be a great time!
See you there!


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Check two.... one two
Ill be there watching

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We're here, though we won't be in Barstow - we're going to be racing in Fallon next week and won't have time to make it down ...

Jim and Vanessa



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Just a check in. We wont be running at Barstow this time. The next race for us maybe the SNORE 250 Rodger Schank #950


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going to help pro 1600 buddy, too hot for us, good luck to the walters all us old guys need A/c