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MORE/SNORE Race -Barstow


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Good luck to all who show up to this race, It should be a great event for both Drivers and spectators alike. Have fun and stay safe!
Hope to have results posted as soon as Sat. evening if possible. Rob S.


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Leaving in about 30 min. See you later.

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for all the naysayers out there, there were plenty of cars at tech(unofficial report from carrera photo was 127) and lots of quality. glad to see promoters working together, some others should take notes and lessons. also heard that the laughlin date change was absolutely not a chamber of commerce thing. take that as it sounds. guess some folks would cut off their nose despite their face. anyway, hope it carries on for more and snore, thanks for trailering in. now if only i could find someone selling fiberglass at tech, things would be great! martin

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