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morr drivers petition

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Boycott may be more effective than petition. Hit 'em in the pocketbook, that might get their attention.


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Boycott may be more effective than petition. Hit 'em in the pocketbook, that might get their attention.
the statement of the poll is as follows """This is to poll drivers who are willing to stand up and not pay the fees associated with having your family and crew at the track; with the willingness to not show up to the track if this licensing fee is implemented. Please include your name and vehicle number when signing. """
i guess morr refused to talk about it at the drivers meeting/banquet. maybe someone else could chime in that was there. all i know is that 150 racers signed a petition that they wouldnt show up if this fee wasnt abolished. Im surprised nobody at morr has made a announcement.


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I was at the meeting, and i’ll say personally I’ve never felt more disrespected at a meeting in my life. During the first part of the meeting a driver tried to voice his concern about USAC not paying F4x4 drivers from a couple years back and was told to sit down and be quiet, and that it wasn’t his meeting to run. After an hour of other announcements we were finally able to discuss the introduction of USAC and the new crew fee back in the Midwest. Lucas oil was made aware of the faults and how terrible USAC was to deal with. Many concerned racers asked very solid questions about the insurance money, how much it cost and where the money was going but the only response we got from the MORR board was “we don’t know” “email us” and “we’ll get back to you.”
Lucas, Bark River and Crandon were in attendance of the meeting and seemed surprised with the unrest. USAC did not send a rep to the meeting, which is another unprofessional move.
Most racers were very happy with how Lucas ran the show for us last year. I’ve never seen a team of people more kind, and willing to help out than the Lucas team. The thought of going back to USAC and the terrible attitude, bad management and extra fee’s have a lot of teams wrestling with the decision of not racing next year, including myself.
It’s been roughly 2 weeks since the meeting and multiple people have reached out to MORR and USAC via email and telephone and we still have no answers. Disappointed is an understatement.