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Motocross madness


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Hey Victor, be glad to race you on the zone. MCM2 is a great game with lots of support from tracks to skins and even a no hackers site. There is a program that allows you to tweak your engine settings that is really unfair. I have been playing since the early days when MCM1 came out and I stumbled across it accidentally. Been hooked ever since. I did beta testing on mcm2. Anyway its a very well suppported game and best of all, the tracks are free done by very cool people who love the game and there are many sites to download the new tracks from. Just give the track and skin makers some credit by posting a review of the track. Like em or not. My zone name is RMR_Vtr_Racing. I have raced Pat Chicas a few times on there and had a blast. Come on Pat, get that firewall thing figured out. There is alos lots of tournements that are hosted to try your hand against some of the fastest. Theis is a tourny on Friday 31 aug. Hosted by HD_Wildman and Team HD. Its a 125 tourney and is for fun. The track is My Way or the Highway and will be on the zone http://www.mcm2teamhd.com/hdt/ . Its called the Hell on Wheels Series. Bring it on guys. Marc Choquette RMR_Vtr Racing

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I would love to play. I got the game myself. Never played anyone over the net before. SOunds like fun.

Got Sand??


I can play but I have to move the game machine to "in front" of the firewall.

I have been doing this to play leadfoot.

I'll download the track you mention and try it out.




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If you want more tracks, go here, lots of downloads for ya. Very cool tracks. <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.mcmwarehouse2.com/mcmwarehouse2/>http://www.mcmwarehouse2.com/mcmwarehouse2/</A> Marc Choquette