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Welcome to a new blank slate for the next Heavy Rescue truck for Motorsports Safety Solutions. Meet Rescue 1

Through donations received from racers, crews, and sponsors, we have put a sizable down payment and we have taken delivery of our brand new 2016 F-350 4x4 Diesel Longbed truck.

We are still about 20,000.00 from the goal we set but it was time to get this project moving forward. We need to have this truck out there for our racers of every form of dirt sports we serve.

We will continue to accept donations from anyone that might be able to help us as there is a lot to do and we certainly would like to pay the loan off early we had to take. We also are looking for and hopeful for some additional product donors to outfit the truck including:

Electric Winch with receiver mount that we can use in the front or rear of the truck.

LED lighting for scene and area lighting all the way around the vehicle. We have put out a few requests and have not gotten any commitments in this area. We want some flush mount Lights for the service bed on all sides and a approximate 30" bar for the front of the truck.

We have already gotten some amazing product sponsors on board with this truck including:

General Tire
TrailReady Wheels
Rugged Radios
Oasis Compressors
General Truck Body
Johnson Equipment

And a Carli suspension with Deaver springs.

We also have to thank Team Ford for working with us so much to not only make this happen but remaining committed to the on going maintenance and upkeep on it.

All of this is only possible because of the support we are receiving for so many gracious donors. We are forever humbled and honored that you are making this happen so that we can serve you better in the most extreme areas of off road racing.

If you would like to donate directly to us you can send via PayPal to:

Or you can mail directly to us at:

Motorsports Safety Solutions
1400 Colorado St
Boulder City Nevada 89005

The extensive build to modify this truck for our purpose starts immediately. The service bed is under construction for install in February. Many other parts are already in progress as well.

We already have a full compliment of medical equipment, extrication equipment and fire suppression that will be carried to help those in need.

We will post updates as we do upgrades.

Thank you everyone that has helped and supported the beginning of this project!

David Nehrbass

Motorsports Safety Solutions


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We run this truck package in the oil field and have had pretty good success with it. One thing we run into is excessive idle hours kill the engine. I don't know how to do the mod, but there is a way to wire one of your factory aux switches so when turned on it puts the truck into a "high idle" I would look into doing this and when parked for long periods idle the truck up. This will extend the life of your emissions equipment and your engine. Some of our trucks were set up this way at the dealer and some were not. The trucks that were not are the ones that we have had issues with. Now, they also have thousands of idle hours, and I don't imagine you will have that many, but it is still something I would do.


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We run this truck package in the oil field and have had pretty good success with it. One thing we run into is excessive idle hours kill the engine. I don't know how to do the mod, but there is a way to wire one of your factory aux switches so when turned on it puts the truck into a "high idle" I would look into doing this and when parked for long periods idle the truck up. This will extend the life of your emissions equipment and your engine. Some of our trucks were set up this way at the dealer and some were not. The trucks that were not are the ones that we have had issues with. Now, they also have thousands of idle hours, and I don't imagine you will have that many, but it is still something I would do.
This does have the auto idle feature installed - It runs up the idle after a period of time to blow the junk out. One of those essential features as we may idle all day long if things go well!

Interestingly, we were not aware of this problem until we were made aware that was the cause for the 3rd turbo going bad in one of our other teams with a dodge 3500


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Now I know why my truck idle ramps up periodically when in park!

Excited to follow this build thread

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Well the last month has been spent getting many of the little pieces in place as well as organizing all the vendors and sponsors for the majority of the build.


New General Tire X3 tires mounted on TrailReady wheels were a great start for desert days. These are my favorite tire / wheel combo we have had the pleasure to run over the years and ride really well in all terrains so far.

The wheels are interchangeable from Beadlook, to Beadlock just by changing the location of the outer tire bead and different length bolts.


The first change needed was a change in stereo. While it may seem strange, the old one didn't have Bluetooth. For long trips and more importantly calling additional resources while responding, handsfree was essential.

Rugged Radios hooked us up with a GPS unit as well as 2 VHF radios. The radios will monitor Rugged Relay, BITD as well as any other agencies that we respond with on incidents. All of this is mounted on a Jotto Desk that while it looks like a mess of wires a big opening right now, will house an additional VHF radio, Siren / Light Controls and additional 12v power points.

As the Rescue Director, in addition to responding to incidents, I monitor, helicopter traffic, 2 BITD channels, BLM as well as local emergency services.

In addition, this truck will be equipped with satellite phone access.


The other minor change is side steps for each side. Heavy duty steel rails for getting in and out and protecting the lower rocker panel from rocks!


Next week, just in time for the Mint 400, the front half of the truck will get its wrap courtesy of Vegas Custom Graphics and Wraps. A long time drag racer friend will be taking care of the essential red, white and blue look.

All of this is simply preliminary readiness for March Madness. Immediately following the Mint 400, the truck will be delivered with a bed full of Medical, Fire and Rescue equipment to General Truck Body LA where the custom service body is nearing completion. Once we have all the equipment and spend some time placing it, Dana and his team will provide any custom mounts and tie downs needed to keep everything secure as it bumps through the desert. they also will complete the installation of the KC Hilites on all sides of the vehicle that will turn night into day on every side of the truck. The service bed will house jaws of life, hydraulic pump, air compressor and a complete foam fire suppression system currently under construction. Special compartments for 2 additional Optima batteries will aid all of the power we can potentially use on any given day.

After the service bed is installed and done, the truck will head over to Johnson Equipment. Greg Johnson is a long time sand drag racing friend and is taking care of all of the wiring, emergency lighting and siren controls for the truck. He will also interface the light bars controls and the KC lights for some great custom features.

After all that is done, we will have the overall weight of the truck as it sits and it will head straight to Carli Suspension. BJ Baldwin jumped in seconds after we talked about this project during the Parker 425 Pre-Run to offer up a full Carli suspension and Deaver rear springs. for a heavy duty truck going through extreme terrain, they are one of the best and we are honored to have Bj's assistance for that to make sure the truck can get where it needs to for all of you.

After all of that, it comes back to Vegas to complete the wrap on the service bed and any finishing touches.We also have a company here in Vegas that has offered a front tow hitch for it. As a result of that, Tactical Recovery Equipment is providing us with a 12,000 warn winch, synthetic lines, receiver hitch and all the soft shackles we can ask for to not only aid the truck but anyone that needs it. By placing it on a hitch, it will mount either front or rear as needed.

We expect full completion by early April.

The Soboba Sand Drags in January, followed a few days later by the Parker 425, were the first few days of off road race action for this truck. At Parker it got used more than once responding on calls, towing rolled over trucks and providing a mobile office for coordinating responses. I am very impressed with its capabilities so far and while we are going to be adding a lot of weight to it that will limit it in some ways, the trade off to what this truck will be capable of will be simply amazing.

We are still about 15,000 short of the financial goal we set for the build but it continues on as this truck needs to do what she was born for. Help people in the dirt.


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I realized I slacked greatly in updating the build here for RDC for those that may be curious:

The day before the Mint 400, the new Rescue 1 Safety truck got the front half wrapped.


The design really captured our appreciation for the country we live in. While we really wanted the bed on and ready by the Mint, it took time to get it all right.


While we were finishing up at the Mint, General Truck Body worked away getting our custom service bed ready for mount.

About a week after the Mint, the truck went to General Truck and got fitted for her new look.


Getting her back to Vegas, we got to work on equipment mounting and getting everything put inside to help racers as well as getting the remainder of the body wrapped.



We added the checkered flag to the end of the wrap as it really ties in our logo and what we do.


It was truly amazing how many people and companies came together to make this truck happen. It is currently one of a kind and just the first of its kind. We now have plans to build additional dedicated safety trucks to serve all of the dirt sports we operate in.


The drivers side tall box is dedicated to Emergency Medical treatment. Trauma kits, Airway, AED, Medical equipment, suction and spinal mobilization are all secured but easily accessible. In addition, General Truck Body made us a space to hold 2 additional Optima batteries to supply power to all the lights accessories and on board 2000 watt inverter.


The other long box on the drivers side is everything from fire tools, small parts, some tools and spare vests, flags and markings for race courses.

The other small box on the passenger side is for towing and recovery. Tactical Recovery Equipment supplied us with a winch and all kinds of tow accessories. We will be adding a front hitch shortly to allow the winch to be used on the front or the rear.


Passenger side tall box is all about when things go real bad. Two sets of extrication tools will be carried on board. One that runs off the vehicle and one that is a self contained battery powered unit. An air compressor and other pry tools are also being secured here.

17796407_1463902750340294_1368375776723401319_n (1).jpg

A good selection of hand tools will be on board to help racers make repairs or help our selves as needed.


The last compartment is DeWalt power tools. Drills, Impacts, Saws and chargers.

17800121_1462878207109415_2669240564105979238_n (1).jpg

In addition to foam fire extinguishers, We built a custom 60 gallon, air powered fire system that produces foam for vehicle fires.

17951913_1480462608684308_308726859046563874_n (1).jpg

This truck is turning out amazing. It is very capable of just about everything we have thrown at it so far.

Next week, Rescue 1 heads first o Perris California to visit Johnson Emergency Equipment. They will be outfitting it with emergency lights on all sides to make it safe to be on course and far more viable as well as working on integrating all of the wiring for the KC Hilites.

After that it is scheduled at Carli Suspension for installation of their Dominator 3.0 kit that will add a 2.5 inch lift with King Shocks and Deaver Rear Springs. All of this will be ready just in time for the Best in the Desert Laughlin Desert Classic where the truck will be on display for everyone at tech and contingency before it spends a couple busy days in the dirt.

Thank you everyone that has made this truck happen. As I have told everyone that sees it, this is YOUR truck, I am just fortunate enough to drive it to help others. The off road community made this happen.

I will post again after we get back from Laughlin in May! We will have some very exciting news to share with you by then!!



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Dave, I'm so pumped for you and your team to finally see that your equipped with the proper tool for the amazing job you guys do. God speed!