Mountain Bike Racing Questions


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Anybody do any Mountain Bike Racing?

Know of any forums?



Different types?


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A few of us on here race a bit.... Kritter, WoodyW and myself raced the Socal Cup this year. There is a few races coming up that I wanna run including the "Triple Crown Series": Bonelli, Fat-tire and Southridge....



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really depends on alot of factors.... tires, weight, bike, terrain, wanting a cush' ride or rolling speed.... depending on whre I ride I vary from 30psi to 35-36..... All in what you are comfortable with


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Thanks. I like being able to roll over things but hate chattering the fillings out of my teeth.


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I'm headed out to Big Bear for my yearly trip this weekend. Anyone else going to be there?


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If you are headed up this weekend...there will be tons of us out there. Big Bear Fall Classic is this weekend, which is also the one day Ca. state championship. I want that Ca. champ jersey BAD.


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Go get em woody.

As for tire pressure...start at 30 for anything 2.0 and up and ride up a large driveway ledge(2 or so inches) completely square at 5 or so mph....remove 2 psi at a time until you hit rim then bump back up 1. I run less in the front since pinch flats with a suspension fork really dont happen unless you screw up bad.

If you are tubeless you can go lower since you dont have to worry about pinchflats.

Tubeless 2.1 I run20-25
Tubed 2.1 I run 30

I weigh 270


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I Thought this would be of interest to you. My buddy is selling a helmet I would buy it but my noggin is too big.

I just wanted to let you know that I have a bitchen helmet for sale on craigslist that I thought you or one of your buddies might be interested in. Search for: Troy Lee Designs D2 Bicycle Helmet w/ Custom Paint. It's listed for $300 firm but make me a reasonable offer and we'll go from there. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks.