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I blame FB groups for ending up with so many, last count was over 20.

Tbh its a bit silly having so many, too much $ tied up in frame sets that I'll never build or ride. I rode a lot of skateparks back in the day and originally I just wanted to buy/build the same bike I ran back then. Then I started learning the early history of Mat getting bikes built by SE and then his own shop (Ramproom) before getting the made in Taiwan so I started buying the rarer stuff. The problem is the arse has fallen out of the midschool market over in Aus so its a case of sell at a loss or just keep them. The chrome Taiwanese built Taj is what I rode back then, the rest was purely keeping up with the Jones's as I learnt more about the brand.

3 Amigos Racing

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Phoenix is hitting 115 degrees so bought a headlight and will begin to go night riding when its only 100 degrees.

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3 Amigos Racing

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I am lucky to have a competitive track and a great trail system within a 15 minute drive of the house. Hoping to get into my first races next season.



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Just got a couple cheap hardtails, a Norco 125 and the missus has a Giant. I enjoyed a few night rides on the 125.
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We converted the Giant to a single sprocket at the front. The missus used the plasma to cut a bash disc and I cleaned it up on the small lathe:
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and some pics picks of my my 20inch collection, pretty much all early Hoffman bikes stuff and a JAD frame for something different:
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How abut this? Check it out
19-TheSickMTBGranTour-ENTRY-July 13.jpg


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Went to snow summit this past Saturday and had a blast with my daughter. .still having fun sending it over 50.

XR Baja

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I’m still stuck in time.
2001 Trek 8000.
I feel very comfortable blazing around cross country roads on this rig.
I’m actually thinking of installing a rigid front fork that looks like a front suspension fork.
I don’t know, maybe it’s the “old” BMX feel,
I seek.