Movie Question for SLR or anyone who knows


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My kid told me he watched an offroad movie about truck racing. Said it was pretty cheesy, but the offroad shots were good.
It was about some guy named "Zack" who was to fill in for Roger Mears in the Nissan 7 truck and race against the Arcadia Nissan Truck drivien by "Buck" in Nevada. Since Spencer was one of the Nissan Guys, I figured you could help us out in finding the name so we can try to find the film.



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My uncle Buck used to do celebrity races with the Nissan guys. His TV name is Kent McCord, he used to co-star in Adam-12. Don't know if he did an off-road movie but maybe that helps you out.


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FP you mean, 1989... I have boxes full of old Nissan tapes.
Hidden Heros I think was with Stock trucks with Jim Conners UCA and Rancho 5 spd Bypass shocks. It was a PR deal for Nissan. I have some tapes if you would like to borrow. PM
I'm JR, I was about 8-13 years old @ Pop's Prime. Myself and Casey Mears would go roll case trucks
I'm showing a VHS release date of December 15, 1998. That release date is not indicative of when the movie was filmed. Judging by the footage in the movie, '89 is most likely an accurate estimate of when the movie was filmed.


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cheesy movie- great shots of yesteryear though
notables are:
* Mannys old Motorcraft 7 truck.
* The mechanic in the movie went on to be the crazy Dr. on the TV show "Twin Peaks"
* Dave Shoppes class 8.
* Spencer Lowes Arcadia Nissan/Datsun with the HUGE shock covers thru the hood "ala" Jim Conners trucks.
Its driven by the "bad guys" in the movie..

And theres a ton more footage from the good old days..

it easily found on Ebay.


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It's probably desert steel you're talking about. I bought it for $1.50 on ebay plus shipping and watched it a couple of times. It's got some decent footage.....definitely corny!!

I'll start a video rental service. Anybody that wants to watch it can have it under 2 conditions.
1) Pay the shipping or come pick it up
2) Promise to let people know when you're done with it so they can watch it and keep the process moving.

the radest part of the movie is when they are "testing" the 9 car up and down the smooth access road with the boom box tied to the cage playin come genisis or something. and also the fact that they kept switching from 3 different mears nissans(7s, 7open and a cheesy one) thinking we wouldnt notice. same with buck owens arcadia nissan. there was a full race one and then one with a complete bed in it. supposed to be the same truck. funny. oh, and the sceene at the abandoned motel..........nice!!!!!!!!


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it can't be as bad as rockin and four wheelin,if you have the chance and can find it for less than two dollars check it of the guys in the band looks like the rozo from ORU.


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Hey- I've got Rockin' and 4 Wheelin..Whats so disco about a band in the back of a lifted 4x4 playing at the gas station?