Moving the engine back


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  1. I'm starting to wonder if pushing the motor/trans back and down is even worth the can of worms I'm about to open when doing the LS swap. I've wanted to move the engine/transmission to achieve a lower COG since I got the truck! Now I'm really questioning if it's worth the cost/headache of doing that to my Sport Trac. I have the $ to do the swap correctly(I think), but It's never going to be a race truck and I know this so I'm questioning the need to move it back!!!.

    Con's of NOT moving it back:
    Not wasting more $ on a street/play truck!
    I'd be loosing foot room inside
    Much smaller hole cut in firewall
    Possibly salvaging a $1000 2 piece drive shaft that's got 800 miles on it
    Less down time!!!!!!

    Pro's of moving it back:
    Better weight distribution
    More room to mount poop in the engine compartment(20 lbs in a 5 lbs bag)
    Easier to work on everything else around it

    So I'm wondering what your opinion is on this subject


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Is it going to be a drive around town/roadtrip/look cool truck or is it going to be more of a dedicated play truck? That is the question you should be thinking about.

Moving the engine back has always been a huge improvement on handling and longevity of parts but also makes things a pain in the.... while you are doing it