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Mrs. JFab's GMC Build


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I have been a member of RDC for quite some time and figured it was finally time to start a build thread on here.

Here are some specs...

My truck is an 04 GMC Sierra 1500 with the 5.3L V8 with about 80,000 miles on it.
It has a 4l60e trans which was rebuilt back in February 2012 and the rear end was re-geared back in 2009 with 4:10 gears. We are running 37" BFG TAs with 17" True Beadlock Robby Gordon wheels.

Front Suspension
We are running a custom built JFab 5.5" over kit that is strapped at 22" of travel with 2.5" x 12" King coilover shocks.
We converted the steering over to swing-set last July. (We are currently in the process of caging the cab and adding 2.5" bumpstops up front)
We are also running 2.0 BMS hubs on the front.

Rear Suspension
JF custom 4-link bumped and strapped at 30" of travel with 2.5" x 16" King coilovers.
Stock rear end for now, hoping to upgrade to a full-floater soon.
Custom built aluminum fuel cell.
Also running loaner Sway Away bumpstops off of the husband's F1.

Here are some pics of what we've done/built along the way...

Back in 2008...

To this in 2010...

To this in 2012...

To this also in 2012...

and finally from this year...

It has been a long work in progress, but it's getting there. So far I am happy with how it has turned out and all the work the husband and I have put in to it. :)


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A few pics of it out in the desert...

Mohave trail 2012 (freshly linked)

The husband jumping it in Barstow...

Some more pics of things we built, changed, or added along the way...

We built a center console with storage.

New engine cross memeber...

Re-painted the LCAs...

Lower Links...

Bedside mounts broke off the frame at the MDR Memorial last year so I used that as an excuse to ditch the frame after the c-notch and add some storage.

Most recent...

I painted the panels black.

These will be the seats I'll be running...

Our deadline for the cage is hopefully this weekend because we are trying to have everything buttoned up on the truck by April 17th for my Birthday, trying to make an Ocotillo trip that weekend.
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A little more work done to the cage.

We are hoping to have a lot more done tomorrow after all the Easter Festivities with the family.

BTW, Happy Easter everyone!


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Quick update...

Well, the husband has been working on a Toyota rightnow for a customer. One of his spindles broke on his dd and bent the UCA on that side so he has been building new spindles and UCAs for the thing. He hasn't touched the cage on my truck since last Sunday. I have been sanding all the rear cage work still and managed to pull the rear shocks off to be able to get everything prepped. Ryan helped a little. I hope to have the tube work from the back half forward primered, maybe even painted by tomorrow evening, if all goes well. Then once that is dry I can put the shocks back on and paint the rest of the tube work. Having a two year old makes finding the time to work on my truck extra challenging. We are cutting it so close only a week and a half left before my deadline. We still need to finish the cab cage, get interior back together, and cage painted, still need to mount bumps, tie in cab cage to engine cage, and paint all the front tube work as well. :eek::)

How she sits...



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Teaser pic of the new panel that will replace the three panels that used to sit under the spare tire.



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Nice work, it's coming a long great.
Thanks! We have about a week and a half to have it all done. A few of the interior panels will not be done by then, but hopefully soon after. We're just trying to get her desert ready


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Hopefully I'll have some good updates up tonight. The husband is currently tying in the cab cage to the engine cage. The cab cage still needs a little bit more work like a few tubes, dzus tabs for the panels, and the center console mounted as well. We want to have the cage done by tomorrow so we can paint it and get the interior back together so we can move on to mounting bumpstops up front. So much to do before Thursday night. :eek:


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Not to sound cocky, but I definitely feel pretty proud of myself right now. I used the engine hoist to fully droop out the rear, mounted the shocks, tightened all the bolts, put limit straps back on, lowered it, touched up paint, mounted my panels (only got to do one side, little man wanted his mommy), and touched up more paint. All within 1 hour and 20 minutes, all by myself while the husband was at work. My teardown/put back together times are getting faster. :) Couldn't be more happier with the outcome, all the hard work in stripping the paint down and prepping the rear cage work was definitely worth it.

Mrs. JFab


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What kinda crazy paint are we gonna see on the cage? Lol
Lol. Just a metallic black. We were hoping to make it to the meet tomorrow and eat at BJ's for my birthday dinner, but the truck still needs a good 5-7 hours worth of work, including a wash, so we are skipping the meet. :(


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After hours of painting...

Tire lift gate and panels are almost done...

Top of storage box bedrolled...

Inside the second compartment of the storage box...

Cage fabwork is almost done. Still need dzus tabs welded on for all the paneling and a few little things finalized. For now we are running Little Man's wagon seat as his seat since we just need it as a base for his HD carseat. Interior needs paint, but for now, it will get us through our run in Barstow this weekend.