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Mrs. JFab's GMC Build


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New spindles and getting frame ready for new UCA's...



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Not a truck update but...
We did start on the chassis table yesterday which I'm really stoked about ( not sure if this is my "Mother's Day" gift, but I dig it) we had cut all the material out for it last week, minus the top plates. Trying to have it done by the end of the week so we can get started on the tube chassis expo. Waiting on material for bungs for the leveling feet and the casters to arrive. I cleaned the tubes and designed and post-processed the plates to cap the ends to make the husband's life easier, and he just burned everything together. We have one more side to do which we will try to crank out today and then we can start burning the top and bottom tubes together. She's a big girl.

And in Turboyota Fashion...

Materials used: 4" x 6" .120" wall rectangle tube.

Tools used: 4.5" angle grinder, 90* air grinder, hammer, screw driver, digital angle finder, squares, rulers, tape measure, and mig welder.

Drinks: homemade iced coffee and lots of water.

Obscenities used: a couple of s.o.b.'s and f-bombs only when moving the material so we could weld it on the fixture table.

Can't wait to get back to it.

Also, if anyone with experience has any suggestions on the top plate let me know. Have some ideas but also open to suggestions.


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No truck updates, but we have been working on the chassis table.

Yesterday we worked on getting the leveling feet on, which took up most of the day. Really stoked for the progress we've made. We might start putting the two sides together today. Pretty exciting! We decided to go this route to mount the leveling feet to spread the load out since this table is pretty heavy.

Ryan cut, machined, and single-point threaded the weld-in bungs on the lathe from 2" solid stock and then chased the threads with a 1"x 8 tpi tap. He tried to tap them right off the bat but that was a no go .

I designed and programmed the plates on the computer, we then cut the plates out on the table (I also designed and cut the plates out to cap the sides of the table once we weld it together), and cleaned all the plates. I also cleaned the areas where the plates were welded and marked all the spots for Ryan to drill and cut with the hole saw. Once that was done Ryan welded everything up and I anti-seized and put all the feet on.

Idk how we did it, but we managed to flip the two sides over and have everything clamped so we can level and square the two sides up and start welding the tubes that go between them and join the two sides. Hoping to get it together in the morning, if all goes as planned. We also need to start putting together the new trailing arms for the race truck today as well.


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No truck updates yet.
Although we did manage to almost finish our chassis table this weekend .
Lots of work and long hours, but so worth it. So glad the fab is 97% done. Ryan just needs to weld the caps on the ends of the tubes which I cleaned today and she should be ready for paint prep and paint, and then top plates (we might end up cutting and drilling them ourselves). Cant wait. This has been a long time coming kind of a dream come true for both of us. Excited to be building tube chassis projects here soon.


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Some chassis table updates...

We were able to put a coat of primer yesterday evening ended up going through more than we thought so we are going to be getting more primer today and finishing the last 10% we weren't able to. We also picked up the top plates from water jet on Friday. Plan to finish paint on Wednesday and hopefully install plates by Friday. Really excited about this project, it was a big undertaking for the two of us to do and will also be what we build the GMC's successor on.