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Anybody have any recommendations for a penetrating spray or something to loosen up caked on greasy mung on a vehicle for cleaning? I've seen some ads for different spray-on, rinse-off solutions but was wondering if any of them actually do the job. BTW, yes I know it won't get everything and I'll be spending time on my back scrubbing the nastiest and hard to get places. Thanks!

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Hook a hose to your water heater output and/or drain. Connect a sprinkler to the hose. Place sprinkler under vehicle, open spigot at heater, after 20 minutes move sprinkler to get additional angles. Repeat.

This will flush out any salts as well.

You should drain your water heater annually anyway.

Then blast offending areas with high pressure water.

Even the low buck electric power washers also help a lot, along with a good old putty knife.

For improved marital relations, this job is best accomplished in a friend's driveway, or on the street in front of his home.

(All of the above may be illegal, and is known to be hazardous, in the State of California.)