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Multi Driver Wheel Time.


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I've always been curious if there is any thought process into which driver gets in when for teams that have multiple drivers on long distance races. We all know there are drivers with different styles,(aggressive and use up the equipment to get or maintain the lead, or steady and save the equipment to get to the end. Beside driving styles, are there drivers that excel in fresh cars and trucks, but struggle when things start to wear out? (brakes, suspension, engine,...etc.) Conversely, are there drivers that prefer or can get the most out of a worn out vehicle? How much, if anything does this factor in to who gets in when, and understanding there are so many variables that can affect driver changes, are drivers just drivers and there is no real strategy?


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Some people are better starters than finishers and vice versa. With my bro and I he usually started and tried to put some solid laps/mileage in. If we were in it or close it was my turn to wick it up and try to close the deal. That's my story. He might say I was checkers or wreckers!!

And the night thing too like Dan said. I love racing at night, my bro not as much. If it was day into night I always drove at night.


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My dad won't let anyone else do the coast, for obvious reasons lol. Plus he could drive it faster than me while blindfolded just like mentioned above.

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Way back when we use to race. My Dad would all ways start, I hated starting, he love it. I would do the night sections and rough sections. I would finish most all of the races. I was the young stupid kid, he was the old wise German. RIP Pops!


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Absolutely. Each driver has different strengths and weaknesses but sometimes more importantly than that, especially when it comes to racing in Baja, its who has the time to put into prerunning. On a long peninsula run for example, prerunning the southern end takes more time and money. Even if that terrain or time of day/night isn't that driver's strength, the ability to really prerun that section can more than make up for it. You'd be surprised how much strategy and thought goes into winning even outside the TT class these days. That's actually one of the parts of racing I enjoy most, doing your homework and strategizing on how you're going to win.


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Some guys just put their name as DOR and never even get in.... BITD of course