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Murdock Nav Map Links Down


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I noticed the Murdock Nav race map links have been down for a couple of months. I have tried emailing them but havent seen a fix.

Anyone have a better way to contact them?


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Hope it comes back up. Was an amazing resource. I’d be willing to donate toward hosting costs if that was the issue.
I will donate as well. Someone on RDC must know them personally & be able to get in touch with them?

Curtis Guise

A couple years ago I started the race results section in our forum. This was an idea I had about 10 years ago but was going to do it outside of the forum on a regular HTML page at that time and it never happened. The reason for having it here is because promoters websites almost never keep a good archive of past race results. And if they do the sites get redesigned eventually and past races aren't listed any more or are hard to find.
Not sure how many of you look in race results but I have been adding race maps (PDF or JPG) and GPS files for allot of the races that we have the results for. As well as links to our race coverage. Miguel is currently adding years prior to 2018 (that's when I started it) and I also have a ton of GPS files back to 2000 that need to be organized and uploaded. There are allot of missing files we need to find but as we get them we will add them.