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Murrieta VW


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So my girl friends 2005 VW Jetta with 67k miles had its check engine light on. She took it to her mechanic who read the code and said it was probably the after cat O2 sensor. They told her that they would have to order the part and it would take ALL day to put on. I said they were crooks and to have the dealer put the sensor on (I know it would be more but I thought it would be done right).

She takes it to the dealer. They tell her that the high pressure power steering sensor has been leaking into the wire harness and is shorting out sensors. I figure it is about time for me to get involved in this mess. I go down there because I have never heard of fluid going up back through the wiring harness and shorting out sensors. They show me when power steering fluid has been discovered, including NEAR the ECM. They want to replace the engine harness, O2 sensors, power steering sensor and the ECM. I asked why the ECM? She (service rep) tells me that it is preventive just incase power steering fluid got inside or near it. I told her NO! She trys to explain it again like I was an idiot, I told her again NO! She started again explaining real slow like I wasn’t getting it, I cut her of and informed her I use to be a car technician and what she is saying doesn’t make sense. She shut up. Then she gives my girl friend an estimate for over $4,000 in repairs! With another $2,200 on top for a transmission that isn’t even broken because they ‘THOUGHT” it “MIGHT” be slipping into reverse. $6,200 TOTAL! I said NO! Replace the power steering sensor to stop the leak and give the car back! Later when we went to pick it up she (the service rep) said that we should save our money and buy a new car because this one is a piece of junk. This thing only has 67k miles! She wasn’t even trying to say that a car with 67k miles shouldn’t have these problems.
A day later, the car started running worse. She called the dealer back up and the service rep tells her, “yep, see its you ECM, we need to replace it.”

I found that the mechanic didn’t hook back up both O2 sensors correctly and it coded the other O2 sensor as well.
I have since replace the O2 sensors and cleaned up the wire harness near their connectors and cleard the codes with no problem since.

Murrieta VW are crooks, STAY AWAY!


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one more reason to do as much work/maintenance to my own vehicles as possible. make sure you report them to VW headquarters. I did this with Perry ford in poway and boy did they call me quickly wanting to take care of the situation.


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WOW!! Man what a hassle... I was thinking about getting a Jetta... I'll just take it to you if I have any troubles with it ;)

Dealers are a pain sometimes... I agree its always better to work on it yourself or take it to someone you trust.
Working on a modern day VW is nothing like working on an old VW, and the complete idiot guide is of little help.


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I have a rule about working on other peoples cars. I dont like too because it seems to bite me in the butt sometimes. But under the circumstances, I went ahead and did it. So far so good. I read some threads on forums about her transmission, it seems VW has had a lot of trouble with that model.


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I have owned a VW Jetta for the past 4 years and I can tell you it is a great car to run around town; I too had a bad experience with this dealer VW MURRIETA I rather drive to San Diego or Riverside when I have to do a dealer service instead.