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MUST DO!!!!! Next DAC meeting


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Everyone, the next DAC meeting will be in Desert Hot Springs on September 7th and 8th.. You have plenty of notice so be there at least on the Saturday!!!! the meeting this last Saturday in Ridgecrest went well. There are some great poeple fighting for us and we must get out to the meetigs to show are support.



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Thanks for going tony and thanks for the date - its important for us to be at these things - boring as they may be!

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How about making this an official RDC event? Maybe give the rest of us a taste of really whats going on! It wouldn't hurt any of us to contribute some time to show support. Who knows we might actually learn something.
Just a thought.


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Hi Gang,
I also went to the DAC meeting Saturday, nice to meet Tony
there were a lot of enviro-types in attendance, but we outnumbered them about 2 to1
There was a large showing from the ASA
& also the San Diego off road coalition

The meeting kinda drug on, as a lot of topics were discussed,

One topic was expediting the building of power plants & placing transmission lines
through the desert to help our power problem here in California

Another was the use of green sticker money,.... One thing that caught the eye
of Roy Denner, maybe using some green stiker money to help rehabilitate
turtles, rather then just closing more desert off for them

We pretty much dissected Mr Spiler's book "Off road to ruin"
Mr Spitler was in attendance to defend his book,
He started to address the
room by saying he was given a ride in Ed Waldinheims buggy Friday &
very much enjoyed it!
The general mood i got from the whole thing, is the
book "blows out of proportion" what it IS we do in the desert as ORVers

It was very nice to hear that some of the members of the DAC council
openly admit they have flipped from the environmentalist view to multiple use,
So I believe we ARE making a difference

Also I would like to say that im glad the RDC party went well,
I wish we can get the dezert people organized that fast to attend these meetings
& help save our sport.
Tony had an idea to maybe charter a bus for the next meeting &
party & bench race on the way back from the meeting & make it an RDC event



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RDC event ~ That is a great idea - maybe we should do that - lets make it happen!

Wayne - my apologies - I forgot you were there - I guess my little weekend away has left me a bit fuzzy - thanks for going and for the input and for all of you hard work with Jawbone - I think it's Great that Ed took Mr. Spitler out in his little buggy - good!

I am so glad to hear that so many people were there to support not only the sport but all the work that Roy Denner from SDORC is doing for us.

Does anyone have a lead on making Tony's idea happen?

Thanks again!

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