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Mustang prerunner

Thomas bennett

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I have a 06 mustang tht me and a buddy built who is no longer with us so I don't want to get rid of the car but the problem is now that I'm home from the army and live on a farm the car is not practical and I bottom out in are driveway and all the roads around here are dirt and hardly maintained I'm a mechanic by trade and I have a buddy who is a pro welder fabricator I'm not looking for people to bash Mr for it it's my car and my style yall ain't gunna be driving it so just help me out if ya could thanks


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Logic recommends to keep the Mustang as a car and something that you can cherish as a bitchen memorial ride to remember your friend by. Something road worthy (or tow to the strip) and cruise the streets with on the weekend.

Whatever you do, DO NOT rip into and make it something that it was never intended to be. Converting it into an off road car, would be the quickest way to turn it into garbage.

If you want a capable farm truck that you can go off roading with, then start with something that has frame rails and 4x4. A TTB Bronco or Full Size Pick truck with Twin Traction Beams would be the Golden Ticket.


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I would have to agree to an extent. Unless you plan on building an entire tube chassis. I remember seeing a build on here that was like a 66 Ranchero. Big money in doing something like that, but awesome when done.

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Can you just use some spring spacers to raise it a bit?

Otherwise, stiffer springs could help.

Maybe put on some tightly valved shocks...and some GM truck OEM bumpstops.

By "bottoming out," do you mean the crossmember is pushing gravel, the suspension going to full compression, or both?

Might think about a skidpan, that might throw some cool sparks!

Otherwise, you'll have to start spending some real money.

Thanks for your service!

Thomas bennett

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I plan on doing like everyone does on a Cherokee and plate the uni body so u have a good solid place to mount my suspension and the bottom of the car hits it has stiff Shelby suspension in it it's just to damn low iv ripped the bumper off 3 times 2 on the roads around here there all secondary back country roads no one cares about and I'd like to do it bc he was a country kid to and we always tlk ed about building a prerunner car and I think this one would be good to do in his memory

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Put some adjustable suspension on it so you can get the thing off the ground. Trim the front valance. Get a set of Bridgestone blizzaks and go rally that thing.