Mx des Nations bad news!


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This some really bad news for American international Motocross

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Crap, the link isn't working for me. That's the biggest friggin race in the world and I was going. Don't tell me the track got shut down!!! I heard rumors the reservation was trying to get it canceled.


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So I looked around and CRAP!!! You've got to be kidding, the biggest race in the "WORLD" not nation but "WORLD" of MX was supposed to happen in Hemet next weekend but got canceled and moved to Spain next month because they decided to have it at a lame track!!! Who had promoters that couldn't get an agreement with the land owners and crap!!! Why didn't they hold this at Glen Helen??? Comp Park isn't even close to being good enough to hold an event of this size. Could you imagine 20,000 spectators from all over the world when they gat to Hemet??? They would laugh at us!!! They had teams coming from South Africa, Japan, Czech, all over the world, etc... for this race and we lost it!!! It's only been held one other time in the US and that was back in '87. All I can say is "What a Joke!!!!!"


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What A Joke
I couldn't have said it better......WHAT A JOKE!

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Yeah, its a joke alright and the jokes on us. Dorna and the FIM decided to cut some corners and bypass the AMA. The US should boycott the event. I fell sorry for all those that have airline tickets etc....



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Yeah, seriously this event draws spectators from around the world. Can't imagine they're too thrilled to be holding tickets to America. I guess they can do the normal thing and go to Disneyland!!! WHAT A JOKE!!!!!

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might be bad news but really its probably the best thing that has happened. I thought it was awsome when i heard about it. I went to the track when it first opened and was like man they need to upgradea alot. then i went again like last month as the track was the same it sucked. If the race was held there i think it was going to be horrible anyways plus i heard alot of the big nations werent eve gonna go. I would like to see that race here in america again and in california its even better but Comp park inst where it should happen Glen Helen would have beeen my first choice also.



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what really sucks is that we can all now learn from what has occured, that the indians cannot be trusted as far as you can throw a slot machine. some of this was tribal politics and it has gone on for over a decade. even with tons of money, they still fight and act like children. this was nothing more than a faminy fued and the need for more money, but not in the way you think. they didn't want to shake down the promoter, but they do want some more land off the reservation on the other side of the river for an outlet mall. the city of san jacinto and the indians haven't ben seeing eye to eye lately because the city has to provide services to the res due to location(fire, etc) and the res isn't paying for it. the city has told the res no outlet mall on our side of the river. san jac was going to stop the conditional; use permit for the old comp park really soon, and the fact that the res let them move over there kinda tweaked the city a bit. san jac is trying to change its image and develop a commuter community and they felt that having a track that close would hamper that. so now we all know what happens when dealing with indians...nothing is written in stone, even when it is, and they just want more money and will screw anyone to get it.

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This was taken from the Racerx website and the RONRON messege board. We dont need MXDN or DORNA.
International MX in the works
by Eric Johnson


While American motocross fans experienced bitter disappointment this morning upon hearing the news that the 2002 Motocross des Nations, scheduled to run at Competition Park next weekend, had been canceled and moved to Europe, Racer X Illustrated has just received word that a movement to create a major international motocross race at Glen Helen Raceway next weekend is rapidly gaining momentum.

Although the event is still in the early planning stages, there are enough credible people involved to provide racing fans the world over hope that they may still get a chance to see some of the world's best racers compete on one of the world's best race courses on one afternoon.

"Right now, the United States has a black eye in the eyes of world motocross," said Vintage Iron proprietor Rick Doughty, who is helping to spearhead the event. "An opportunity to hold the Motocross des Nations was missed, and a lot of damage has been inflicted on race fans around the world. We want to try and do something to fix that.

"Me and a small handful of people want to create a major international event that has the same feel as the Motocross des Nations. We want to create an international team race with a spectacular payout, and one which will take place on a spectacular circuit."

From information provided by Doughty, these are the basics of the proposed event:

-Each participating nation can field a team of three riders. Each rider an ride ANY bike they want (125cc, 250cc, Open).
-A team can be made up of riders from an individual nation, or from riders from separate nations.
-The event will utilize a two 30-minute-plus-two-lap moto format.
-As of now, the organizers plan to offer a $100,000 winner-take-all purse. (This could change if more funding can be procured.)
-It is planned that the two motos will be fought among 13 teams of three riders each, thus a 39-man field.
-The race would run next Sunday, September 29, 2002 at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, California.
-Speed Channel TV has confirmed that they will cover the event on a tape-delay basis.
-It is believed that the AMA will take a positive stance on the event and will not interfere in any way with the race.
-Information on purchasing tickets (and fans who have already purchased tickets) will be forthcoming shortly.

Doughty said the first concerns they want to address with the race are those of the fans who had initially planned on attending the race in San Jacinto, California. "Our first concern is the fan base: people who love motocross and who spent their hard-earned money to come to the Motocross des Nations, and who now may not be able to get that money back from the airlines or hotel reservations they made," he said. "And this does not even mention the disappointment the fans of America feel, who have not been able to witness the Motocross des Nations in 15 years."

While the eleventh-hour disintegration of the 2002 Motocross des Nations has left the organization and logistics of many of the participating teams is ashes, Doughty explained that Roger DeCoster - a man with a huge amount of influence in global motocross - has jumped in headfirst to help make the event a reality.

"Roger DeCoster, the Team USA manager, is completely for it," offered Doughty. "As we speak, he is contact with teams and racers all over the world. For example, Team USA is interested in the event. Team Belgium is interested. Although [Mickael] Pichon is a question mark, Team France is very interested. If Pichon can't make it, Sebastien Tortelli could very well step in and take over as team captain. Team New Zealand is coming. Team Australia is here. Things are changing by the minute. As we receive more information about the teams and riders, I will contact you immediately."

One of the major obstacles Doughty, DeCoster, and crew are dealing with is the substantial amount of financial support the event will require. Although Doughty is encouraged by the amount of capital they have been able to secure as of this morning, they are desperately in search of more.

"We'd love to get all the manufacturers involved," Doughty said. "We'd love to get any company that makes its living off of motocross in America involved. We have a small circle of people involved, but we want and need to expand that circle as rapidly as possible.

"We want this to be a call to arms for the U.S. motocross industry and fans to show the world we will not lay down and die and let them think less of us."

Racer X is in close contact with Doughty and the event organizers and will immediately post information on our website as soon as we receive it.

Individuals or businesses interested in supporting the event are encouraged to contact Rick Doughty at the numbers below immediately.

"There's a lot of drama here because things fell apart," said Doughty. "Now we have a chance to come together again and rally around the flag and make this happen."


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I think it is cause they don't trust us after "screwing" them over the last 200 years.

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Looks like this weekend @ Glen Helen is a GO!!!

Got this from the Cycle News web site.

"This WeekendThe Glen Helen $100,000 International Motocross race, set for Glen Helen Raceway on September 29 is for certain, according to event promoters, and it may end up featuring a lineup of the best racers in the world, including the likes of Ricky Carmichael, Tim Ferry, Mike LaRocco, James Stewart, Chad Reed, Grant Langston, Mickael Pichon, Stephane Roncada, Sebastien Tortelli, Michael Byrne, Craig Anderson,and more.

Team Belgium rider Joel Smets, Stefan Everts and Marnicq Bervoets have also been named in the lineup. Also included in the event will be a veterans race, with names like Jeff Ward, Ricky Johnson, Marty Smith and more.

This event is the brainchild of Vintage Iron owner Rick Doughty, who is doing it for the sport on September 29. “I don't know how we lost the Motocross of Nations,” Doughty said. “Although I could not stand by and watch these riders just walk away. I wanted to organize a race for the spectator’s, riders and journalist who would have been coming to America anyway. A lot of money has been spent on air tickets and teams are already in California. The support for this race has been amazing, this is a Motocross race for motocross and nothing else, that’s a nice thought. We have already organized $100,000 in race payments, and we are working on other deals to make this event the best it possible can.”

Australian Chad Reed is ready to race, and has put together an Australian team if the official team does not compete. “My cousin Craig Anderson just arrived and Michael Byrne wants to race, so we have a team if the official team is not organized.”

Team USA representative Tim Ferry is also ready to ride. “I’ve talked to Yamaha and they will let me know,” Ferry said. “I’m ready to race and am very excited about this event.”

Former American Motocross/Supercross Champion and present Honda representative Jeff Stanton will also be at the event, and is hoping the format will bring back some of the old Motocross des Nations racing. "Lets being back the old format,” Stanton said. “Three motos - I’m sure the spectator’s will get the feel of what the Motocross des Nations used to be like. I will be there for sure.”

For more information on the race, check out"

Don't know about you guys, but this sounds like a hell of a lot better than watching the Euro's suck at the MX DesNations anyway - I'll take the 'ol MAD DOG himself Rick Johnson in the veterans race!!!



Comp Park was not the reason they cancelled the MXDN. Comp Park would have been ready, and yes I believe they would have put on a great event. The problem was with the Saboba Indians. Comp Park is located on the Reservation. The Tribal Council decided to pull the contract on the Park, closing it down to any and all events. I feel very sorry for all the people with plane tickets, most of the riders are already here. Glen Helen is going to put a World Cup race on this weekend so the racers are not here for nothing. The MXDN has been postponed until Oct 19th and it will be in spain.


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I agree with ya Ryan. My personal opinion is that DORNA is to blame. They could have moved the venue if they had to. I have to question the integrity of DORNA. Comp Park would have been great had the political issues had not come up. I was on my way to go to the MXDN. Now I gotta stay home as I was planning on going Saturday as I have to work on Sunday. Glen Helen and all those who are going to make this happen have my full support and hats off to those guys for doing this on such short notice.

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jr- ever hear the words "2 wrongs don't make a right"? they could rise above all the accusations and occurrences they have been through the last couple centuries, couldn't they? set an example? by the way, i have never screwed over an indian, as for the 200 years, i am a first generation american and no, my ancestry doesn't include farms, plantations, etc...just small fishing boats...

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