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My 2017 Mint 400 - Motorsports Safety Solutions


Rescue Director
My 2017 Mint 400

Like all of the races my team is honored to serve, this race started for me about a year ago with the submission of emergency plans for how emergency services will be handled. Every year we try and take what we learned and incorporate it into making the next one better.

A few months ago, the planning shifted to second gear as meetings and face to face planning started with Best in the Desert to make sure we had everything covered.

The last 30 days has been nothing but living The Mint 400. From email exchanges, meetings, planning, equipment prep, staffing plans,Hotels, emergency plans, agency contact, and coordinating with a dozen different agencies. Add in helping some of the TV production teams that were part of the event and it has been my second full time job.

Fast forward to Wednesday and I was fortunate enough to get the New Rescue 1 in the Mint 400 Parade of the Las Vegas Strip. We ended up towing a truck with us the entire distance that broke down. It was amazing to see all the tourists stop and watch, waive and take in the view of millions of dollars in amazing race machines. I had a full truck load of people and critters with Christy Sahlstrom and Kyle Sahlstrom with their two ferocious fur children along with Keith Purmal, Cyndie and JJ in the back seat.


Thursday started with a team breakfast before we headed out to qualifying. Rescue 1, 8, 11 and 30 all were present. Qualifying was uneventful for my team as we got to watch some great racing. After qualifying it was off to downtown for the Thursday night festivities. Over all the years of doing this race, this was the first time we had been asked to be on hand for the downtown portions of the race and had a great time. We had a front row seat for the Pit Crew Comp and got to watch the Herbst team change 2 tires in less than 40 seconds to take the win. Amazing.


Friday we were up early to provide staff for any potential medicals at Tech and Contingency. Every single year Mad Media grows this portion of the event beyond anything I have ever seen with thousands of people, many not associated with off road racing in anyway, getting exposure to our sport. It is a truly amazing experience. It needs streamlined somehow as some teams spent over 8 hours to get through the 10 blocks. I have confidence that this will improve as I am sure Mad Media already started their 2018 planning months ago! Long day. Off to Primm for a nap and prepare for a long battle!


Saturday morning started from our team at 4am. Head to staging, traffic control and out to our checkpoints. After getting everyone paraded over to the start we got to enjoy some great racing action off the start as nearly 200 racers took off from the start. Once they got started, my truck crew and I headed North to rove and help where needed.



It was about then that vehicle after vehicle after vehicle broke down. We went to assist in recovery after recovery to get teams either delivered to a pit, or back in the race! The new Motorsports Safety Solutions Rescue 1 performed flawlessly. Rollovers, extreme terrain, it didn’t matter – We got there and handled it! Back down to staging for race 2 just in time for the parade of vehicles to the start. We re-positioned over to the start and got to watch the next 160 vehicles leave the starting line. Multiple roll overs in the start area and the big truck race was under way.

As we went back North to the middle portion of the course, we got to help a few broken trucks and watch some great racing. As we were along the course for lap two in the mile 35 area, all the top ten trucks came through within just minutes of each other. After over 150 miles, mere seconds separated the best of the best. It is rare when I get to be a fan and just watch some racing.

A little later we responded to one of the harder crashes I have seen in a while. It looks like everyone will be ok, but it was a heck of a hit!

As the sun set, we finally made it up to visit Pit A for the first time to visit Jamie Fagan. The Sunset was truly amazing. One of the best on my life. Sharing it with friends made it better.


We headed back down to Primm to watch the vehicles finish and got to watch some of the best in the world come in. Cars beat and battered. But they had survived the war.

All in all, the 2017 Mint 400 was an amazing success. I am today already starting my plans for the 2018 Mint 400.I have many ideas for improvement for Emergency Services for next year and beyond. Our teams mission is always to improve anywhere we can. We will!!

Thank you to everyone that made Mint 400 so great.

Thank you to Matt Martelli and Joshua Martelli along with Kilian Hamlin for having an incredible vision for this event and allowing my team to be a part of it. You and your entire team are great at what you do and have taken this event to new levels.

Thank you to Diane DeLauer, Liz Marshall, Ashley, Donald, and Tyler, for continuing to believe in Motorsports Safety Solutions and allowing us to be a part of your series year after year. I love you guys like my family and appreciate you letting be part of yours.

Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers for Best in the Desert that not only dedicate themselves but have become part of our ever expanding family. You are all part of our lives and even if we just see each other a few times a year, my team cherishes it! The Best in the Desert Volunteers are second to none and are the true reason Best in the Desert remains as solid as they are year after year.

Thank you to Keith Purmal, Cyndie Parks and JJ for handling crazy communications on a nearly 24 hour day! As a experienced public safety dispatcher, know you have my ultimate respect for what you coordinate up there for all of us.

Thank you to Mills Motorsports for helping all of us with that flight up Friday for Keith Purmal to make sure we were able to have good clean communications on race day!

Thank you to the racers and crews for showing up and racing. You guys put on one heck of a show and are certainly among the best athletes in the world.

And most of all, Thank you to my amazing team that makes this dream I have of helping others a reality.

Rescue 2 - William Bolderoff, Marci Ann and Eric Bolderoff
Rescue 3 - Brad Lundy
Rescue 6 - David Spencer, Robert Schell
Rescue 8 - Jenifer Yeager, Jerry Yeager
Rescue 9 - Julie Boyer
Rescue 11 - Karl Hartmetz, Nancy Hartmetz
Rescue 30 - Austin Perkins, Kory Labella
Community Ambulance

And of course my awesome crew of Rescue 1 for this race of Ray Wayne and THE Valerie LeDuc. You guys did awesome all day long!!

Lastly, thank you to all of our amazing supporters. From those that donated money for us to acquire this new truck, as well as those product sponsors that are helping us outfit it like Team Ford, Rugged Radios, General Truck Body LA, KC Hilites, Tactical Recovery Equipment, as well as those that have supported our entire team for years - General Tire, Trailready Wheels, and Optima Batteries you guys rock. Without you we wouldn't be able to help people as successfully as we do year after year.

We hope to complete the build of the new Motorsports Safety Solutions Rescue 1 in the next few weeks. we are still nearly 20,000.00 away from our financial goal to fund this truck 100% by racers for racers. So many have helped that it is impossible to thank everyone but if anyone is in a position to help that hasn't, or is able to help us more please get in contact with us. The truck moves into phase 2 of the build this week with the Service Bed, Emergency lights, and Suspension going on before its next off road adventure.

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NTR Films media guy
Big thanks to all your crew to be there in case we need, we suffer a broken tie rod in #4749 around mile 80, rescue 11 a blue raptor came in and help us to put car off the race course in no time.

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Hey maybe you can get the UTV's rule's changed to require the utv have the fuel filled on the driver side not the passenger side. I saw 2 utvs catch on fire this weekend while fueling in the pits both were do to fuel spilling on the hot exhaust on the passenger side.


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Big thanks to all your crew to be there in case we need, we suffer a broken tie rod in #4749 around mile 80, rescue 11 a blue raptor came in and help us to put car off the race course in no time.

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Too bad that tie rod didn't take about 5 more minutes to change than it did, we might have gotten around you :)


NTR Films media guy
Too bad that tie rod didn't take about 5 more minutes to change than it did, we might have gotten around you :)
Actually you guys need about 9 more
Minutes :)

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Well, it felt like 5, lol. Would have been an awesome finish if we were both on the short course together at the end... When's the next one?