My 94 Ranger needs some help


Hopefully this is the right place for such a post, but I have a 94 Ranger that has been sitting in a driveway for the last 8 years. Before finding its current resting place it was driven daily. Now I am in need of some services to get this thing back to life. I figured I would post here first before doing my rounds on the phone tomorrow, but in an ideal world I am looking for a one stop shop. The truck is located in southern San Diego (Chula Vista) and will need to be towed to any shop.

My main goal would be to get the truck running and smogged so it can be registered again. Smog was a bit of a process before, and I am sure it hasn't magically fixed itself.

While at the shop other things that I know need attention and I would be interested in fixing:
  • Power steering leaks
  • Needs new ignition switch/door locks (the current key is sort of mangled and worked fine starting the truck, but didn't fit well into the door locks).
  • re-geared rear end.

Fabrication that would be nice to get:
  • Some sort of brace/shelf/or bracket under the hood to house/hold some of the electronics and reservoirs. A few things are zip tied to various things to stay up.
  • Rear bumper/tire carrier
Any fab shop suggestions that would be able to handle the above items?

I have been google searching for fab shops for the last hour with some success, but also I have found a number of shops that have either forgotten about their web page or are no longer around.

Thanks for any help.

A little more info about the truck that might be relevant:
4.0 engine that was plucked from a junk yard explorer awhile back.
Front has camburg beams and coil overs. Beams are a bit beat up.
Engine cage that should probably be redone at this point.
bed cage, deaver springs, and bypass shocks in the back.