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My dearest KTM,


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Why did you leave me stranded in the Sierra wilderness last weekend? I care for you, buy you nice things to look great in, take you out all the time, praise you to my friends and family, and you left me for dead at dusk.

I hope we can make up and move forward. Was it jealousy of the new KTM I bought Friday that made you mad enough to leave me for dead?


One pissed off KTM owner

2014 350 EXC-F 1100 miles

Anyone else have crank positioning sensor issues on their KTM 4stroke EXC bikes? Only comes with the whole $175 stator assembly.

Anyone know a good so Cali KTM shop to diagnose it? The dealers I spoke to have no good insight on the issue, more of throw parts at it to resolve.

Where does it stop for spare parts in a backpack and mounted to the bike FFS?

Hayward Racing

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The guys at Alba are really good but I'd be inclined to take it to a Katoom shop like All American


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Everyone I have spoken to today says this is a fluke/never happens deal.

All American/RJ is very knowledgable on KTM's.
The other shops say bring it in and diagnosis it via the CPU and KTM computer with no mechanical insight.
AA, out of all the service people I spoke to since Sunday on this actually has working knowledge of the pulse charge/CPS system and the parts not shown on the KTM repair PDF.

Very rare part to fail I was told. Not even an item replaced during race prep until 100hrs.
Just need to max out the spares a bit just in case.


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More info from RJ at AA-KTM.

KTM technical support relayed to AA today that with the 350 sx/exc/etc engine, the oil needs to be at the low mark on the sight glass or if the oil is at the mid/high mark it will overheat the oil/engine and cook the pulse charge/CPS sensor. Low is better, and will not damage the engine at the low oil mark per KTM tech support.

I was running mid level oil at the time (the normal way), but I guess I may have been running it too hard and overheated the sensor circuit.

Low oil and carry a spare.


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All American is far more versed in KTM workings than other shops.

Those guys live it.

Worth the drive for sure. For me, its either right or wrong, and this shop is focused on being right, and why its not right when it fails.

If you are going KTM and are in southern California, give your business to a shop that simply has it together.


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The super hot oil melted the coil and puked out the copper guts.

Bike runs fine now. KTM changed the layout on the 350 engine in 15 to resolve this issue.