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My Funco, "Old Shool"

Mike's Machine

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Finished enough for a show or two


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While I prefer to see these old Funco's find their way back to off road racing, I did follow your build thread on Woodsbuggy and you did an amazing job building this car. If I remember right, your sail panels did make their way back to Baja on a beautiful Bobby Ferro tribute car that race the Mexican 1000 in 2014.

Mike's Machine

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That's right, sail panels and the roof made it back and If I were 3000 miles closer, those panels would have still ran that race, except on my car. I fully respect the lineage and history of the Funco and hopefully I'll be able to share it with a bunch of us folks back east. Those photos were taken at the World Of Wheels Show in Pittsburgh this last weekend, the response was amazing, as soon as the Baja was mentioned, everyone knew what it was. Don't go hating on me too bad, there were a couple of other guys looking to buy it, lets just say it got a better life.