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My guy knows Baja better than your guy


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Come on... Bruce Meyers INVENTED the Baja 1000.....!!!!! He's the O>G>off roader of all times...... OF ALL TIMES...!!!



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I can navigate, by myself, to the convention center, Baja burro and Paris! Baja expert....maybe. I am also available to drive someone’s TT if needed.


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I have only been to Baja a couple times. But I never miss a Rip to Cabo or Trail of Missions show. One day I hope to participate in Trail of Missions. I have learned so much about Baja by watching @PAB do these trips. Would enjoy seeing it first hand.

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Mr. Niles Ussery. ( Old Fat Niles) He was Mr Baja.

For those who don't know him, he ran the Baja race team for Husqvarna back in the day.
He was also a major contributor to cutting and finding new trails in Baja for the Los Ancianos Tecate Enduro.
I learned a lot riding with him in Baja.
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Nobody cares about them.... Don't be a wiener in a dick wagging contest....
So nobody cares about the guys who REALLY invented the Baja 1000?!?!?! hahahaha