My Motion Tire 300 Photos


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I finally was going to get to go to a race and take photos all day for the first time. That all changed on Friday after noon when I got a call and was told I was getting in the race car for lap 3 and 4. Unfortunately we lost 2nd gear in the transmission lap 2 and lap 3 when I got to get in we only mad it 3 miles before we had to pull out of the race with no gears at all. I was able to snap a few shots during the first 2 laps and some also for laps 3 and 4. Again this was my first time really taking photos so I know some are not that focused and it was windy as hell and I could keep steady. I have more ill add to this later but this is what I have for now.

6E.jpg 8E.jpg 9E.jpg 15E.jpg 30E.jpg 1073-1E.jpg B&R 1073.jpg


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