my name is filippo


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hi all!!!
my name is filippo, and i am from milano, Italy.

i flet into desert racing passion during my childhood (early 80s), with all that images coming from american tv serial like chips and so on. desert vehicles where everywhere. i am definitely a vw guy! i love fiberglass dune buggies, tubolar ones, sandrailds, but first of all baja bugs. tamiya sand scorcher was my first passion, actually.

in my opinion the period 1965-80 was the most interesting of the whole automobile history, and so for desert racing. i love bajas. but long travels, piaa lamp, locking beads are not for me . my baja is "sand blasters", kc daylighters with smile covers, centerline. no one piece front

i love old dune buggies too. and i am the happy owner of this deserter i build, based on a nos purple body form the seventies. i try to use it on the sand everytime i can, even if we have non desert here in northern italy, but a lot of rivers that live chilometers of sand.

this is my buggy. i had one particular idea building it:

to do a car that could be in 1967-68, before development of very special parts that did the second era of dune buggies, like paddle tires, for example

my dune buggies is built like it were done in an era of reusing and adapting. like it was in the good old days.

some features:
-new old stock 1971 autozodiaco purple body ( italian version of dac autodynamics deserter, that i cut a lot)
-7x14front and 15x9 rear wheels, custom made in 70s. bronze paint
-E- 70- 14 front wide oval 1968 replica bought new
-farm flotation rear tyres, 11-L-15, low pressure tyres, like in the good old days
-ford mustangcobra racing fuel cap, flip top
-rear volkwagen bus 58 to 61 taillights
-empi license plate light
-fishing rod fiberglass antenna, homemade support, home made flag red
-010 bosch centrifugal advance distributor
-italian vintage sprintfilter for air
-dual exhaust white painted
-dynosoar valve covers
-ten inches grant
-moon rev counter
-marine switches
-empi pulley guard vintage set
-inox rollbar
-cocomat floor carpets
and many more...

see u here guys!! thank u for reading me!



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Welcome. That Buggy looks super clean.


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thank you man!!! i try to do my best. buggy was not a great eork to do. it is very easy. lot of work took the research of right parts, and taking decisions about style!!!